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  "Ways to Live Forever", awarded at the European Youth Film Festival Flanders - 2011, March

"Ways to live forever", by the Spanish director Gustavo Ron received the European Children's Film Association (ECFA) best film prize at the European Youth Film Festival (Het Jeudg Film) held this weekend in Bruges.
Founded in 1988, European Children's Film Association aims to promote high quality European films for children and young people.

The festival is oriented to film makers, producers, promotors, distributors, exhibitors, TV-programmers, festival organizers and film educators.

Since its foundation ECFA has organized meetings and events to promote and stimulate the development of European films for children and young people.

At the moment ECFA has more than 60 members, mostly companies and organizations, coming from 23 different countries.

  Telefónica Media Networks Latin America acquires the rights for "Ways to Live Forever" for Latin America - 2011, March

El Capitan Pictures, Formato Productions and L&S Production have reached an agreement with Telefónica Media Networks Latin America (MNLA), a Telefónica Group company. With this agreement the producers grant the audiovisual rights for "Ways to Live Forever" ("Vivir Para Siempre") in Latin America to MNLA. The company will market the film in all of its formats as of March 2011. The agreement will be made public during the EFM (European Film Market) at the Berlin festival which will take place from the 10th to the 20th of this month.

"Ways to Live Forever" has been widely accepted by jury and public at the festivals in which it has been present; up to now it has won 8 out of 10 awards. Critics in Spain have also awarded its director and screenwriter, Gustavo Ron, the CEC (Film Screenwriters Guild) medal for the best adapted screenplay.

Gustavo Ron has declared to be thrilled with the agreement. <<We have got together with the best company, in a land which represents the future in many ways. We are sure to learn a lot from MNLA and from the Latin American public.>>

On his behalf, Werner Schuler, Executive Director at Media Networks Latin America, S.A.C. has confirmed that <<"Ways to Live Forever" proves to be an important opportunity for our company to practice novel and pioneering development formulas, which we have already structured in Latin America for some time. Undoubtedly, we hold on to our traditional models, but we also know that as a part of the Telefónica Group we can be at the forefront with all of the businesses that we originate within MNLA.">>

"Ways to Live Forever" ("Vivir Para Siempre") tells the story of Sam, a twelve year old boy who loves to collect stories and extraordinary phenomenons. He also wants to know what it's like to have a sip of beer, to sneak your first drag on a cigarette. to kiss a girl for the first time. Sam wants to know what teenagers feel like, because he will not live to be one. He has Leukemia, and even though adults reply with ambiguity and try to avoid some subjects, Sam wants to know all the facts and details concerning his death. He is willing to find out the answers to the questions that nobody wants to answer, that is why he decides to write a book. The film stars Ben Chaplin, Emilia Fox, Greta Sccachi, Alext Ebel and Robbie Kay as Sam.

Media Networks Latin America (MNLA) is a company that offers data process, content management and publicity sales to wholesale clients in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile. It offers its clients a differential advantage thanks to its exclusive contents. The company serves more than 2 million subscribers and has more than 4 million activated decoders; MNLA is a subsidiary company of Telefónica one of the world's largest telecommunications companies in market capitalization. Telefónica operates in 25 countries and has a worldwide customer base of more than 264 million clients.

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