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Sam is twelve years old and loves to collect stories and strange phenomenons. He wants to know about UFOs and scary films, aircrafts and ghosts. He also wants to know what it's like to have a sip of beer, to sneak your first drag on a cigarette, to kiss a girl for the first time...

Sam wants to know what teenagers feel like, because he will not live to be one. He has Leukemia, and even though adults reply with ambiguity and try to avoid some subjects, Sam wants to know all the facts and details concerning death. He is willing to find out the answers to the questions that nobody wants to answer, that is why he decides to write a book. A book that will be a diary about himself, but also a "scientific investigation" with observations, lists of proven facts about things that someday he will do (like beating a world record, fly in an airship or look at the stars from a spaceship) and thoughts about his questions.

Along with his parents, his sister Ella and his friend Felix, with whom he will live endearing moments, Sam will share with us his individual, moving and at times amusing view of the world and of his own circumstances, revealing himself as the voice of an exceptional being transformed by the hugeness of what awaits him.

  Technical Data
Release Date 2006
Direction Gustavo Ron
Producer El Capitan Pictures, L&S productions, Formato producciones.
Producer Martyn Auty, Javier Gazulla
Executive production Andrés Barbé, Jaime Martul y Celestino Hermida.
Adapted screenplay Gustavo Ron
Cinematography Miguel P. Gilaberte
Production design Jason Carlin
Original music César Benito
Costume Susannah Buxton
Film Editing Juan Sánchez
Distribution European Films Factory
Awards . People's Choice Award - Heartland Film Festival
  . Crystal Heart Award- Heartland Film Festival
  . Best Film - CIBRA Festival
  . Best Film - JUST FILM
  . Best Character - CINEMANET
  . Gold Wave - CINEMANET
  . Best adapted screenplay - Circulo de Escritores Cinematográficos
  . Best Film, Director, Cinematography, OST and Film Editing C.E.C. Nominations.
Ben Chaplin Daniel
Greta Scacchi Srta.Willis
Emilia Fox Amanda
Alex Etel Felix
Robbie Kay Sam
Natalia Tena Annie
Ella Purnell Kaleigh
Phyllida Law Abuela
Eloise Barnes Ella
Jose Luis García Dr. Bill
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