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Marina (Verónica Sánchez) has taken care of her brother Samuel (Manuel Lozano) since their parents died in a car accident three years ago. Samuel suffers from agoraphobia and has not left the house since the accident. In an attempt to cure him, Marina incessantly hires psychologists, but none manages to achieve a remedy because Samuel and his grandfather Paúl (Fernando Fernan Gómez) do everything they can to get rid of them. One fine day, Gabriel (Daniel Guzmán) enters their lives and everything starts to change: he has a different method and the tricks that both grandfather and grandson used on the others, no longer work on him. When everything seems to be perfect for Samuel to be cured, something occurs which Gabriel was not counting on: he has fallen in love with Marina.

  Technical Data
Release Date 2006
Direction Gustavo Ron
Producer Alvaro Ron
Executive production Formato Producciones, Castelao, TVG, TV3, Area 5.1.
Writer Gustavo Ron, Edmon Roch
Cinematography David Carretero
Film Editing Juan Sánchez
Original music Cesar Benito
Distribution Filmax
Awards . Crystal Heart Award - Heartland Film Festival
  . Best Art Direction- Mestre Mateo
  . Best O.S.T - Garden State Film Festival
  . Best Actor (F. Fernán Gómez) medall of the C.E.C.
  . Best Actress, Film, Director and OST C.E.C. Nominations.
Verónica Sánchez Marina
Daniel Guzmán Gabriel
Fernando Fernán Gómez Paúl
Manuel Lozano Samuel
Diana Palazón Gabriela
Phyllida Law Sarah
Manuel Millán Mateo
Víctor Mosqueira Manolo
María Blanco-Fafián Ana
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